Contact Lenses

Contact lenses provide a great alternative to glasses and with the latest contact lens technology we can now offer contact lens options to most patients.

Our optometrists who are contact lenses wearers themselves are experts in fitting lenses. As an independent practice, we are not constrained to using specific brands, instead selecting the most appropriate options for you.

If you are new to contact lenses there is really nothing to worry about! We will take time to discuss them with you and can teach you how to apply and remove them safely and comfortably.

If you currently wear lenses but would like to make sure you’re using the best option available please speak to us about a contact lens assessment.

Contact lens care plan

Contact lens patients at Norma Davies Opticians are required to join our contact lens care plan. Our care plan will not only cover the cost of your contact lens appointments with us but it also gives you access to a discounted rate on contact lens sales.


  • Full-time contact lens wearers – £10/month
  • Part-time contact lens wearers – £5/month

These fees may be paid on a monthly direct debit or if you would prefer they may be paid as a one off annual fee.

How to apply & remove contact lenses